“Guild of One-Name Studies” breaks down brick walls!

TIP #5: It pays to become a member of organizations who can support your research, such as the “Guild of One-Name Studies.” I recently joined the Guild of One-Name Studies (“GOONS”) and it already paid off – one of my brick walls came tumbling down! This wall was for my 4th great-grandmother, Anne Renish, who turns out to … Continue reading

Genealogy Tip 4

Genealogy Funny – Tip #4

Happy New Year! May of 2013 marked the launch of Padilly’s Melting Pot, and I am so excited about my plans for 2014! However, in addition to planning the year ahead, I also took time to reflect on my past two years of genealogy research, and what I have learned:  that I’m still a newbie and can’t do this … Continue reading


Texas Caviar – Cultural Recipe

As I do genealogy research on my ancestors, I also research the food, folk art, and history of their region, so that when I put together my family history book I can include recipes, steps to creating folk art, and historical facts, along with the photos and stories of my ancestors. More than just an … Continue reading


Marie Muzyka Miro – October Ancestry Challenge 2013

Ancestor #23: Do you have a guardian angel? A relative from the past who always stays close by? Well, I’m not afraid to say that I do, and in fact, I have two: my grandfather Fred Minnes, and the woman you see here, my grandmother Marie Muzyka Miro (1897 – 1985). ______________________________________________________________________   Her family … Continue reading


Musician: Michael P. Miro[shnichenko] – Oct. Ancestry Challenge 2013

Ancestor #22: My grandfather is the most mysterious of all of my ancestors, and I have very little information on him beyond his life in Chicago, and, until recently, no one really knew how he came to the United States. How he came to the US was one of my biggest brick walls, which I … Continue reading


Sketches: by Bohdan “Daniel” Miro[shnichenko] – Oct. Ancestry Challenge 2013

Ancestor #21: He was born Bohdan George Miroshnichenko in 1934 to Ukrainian parents, Michael and Marie, and he died Daniel George Miro in 2011; he was also my father. To give you a better idea of the man I called dad, this post is about three things he loved, besides his family: fishing, being a … Continue reading


Darlene Minnes Smith – October Ancestry Challenge 2013

We are in the last week of Lori Crane’s October Ancestry Challenge 2013, with only four ancestors left! As I wrap up my posts on the Minnes/Thompson/Herpich/Trowell line (for now), I want to make a shout out to Lori and say Thank You for setting up this challenge!!! While I have run out of steam … Continue reading


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