Dad with Vice-President Richard Nixon

I once stood 5 feet from President Ford as he drove by in his limousine, and recently was in the same room with a presidential hopeful, but I never personally met a sitting president or vice-president. This was not the case for my father, Daniel Miro, who in 1953 met then Vice-President Richard Nixon when he and his wife, Pat, were heading to the beach.

Dad & VP Richard NixonThis picture was one of my father’s treasured photographs (yes, that is then Vice-President Nixon in his bathing suit). When this picture was taken, my father was a PFC in the Marines, whose role was a military police office, stationed in Hawaii.  On this day, Vice-President Nixon and his wife were being escorted to the beach by secret service. My father told me he approached Vice-President Nixon, and asked him if could get a photograph. Upon his request, one of the secret service men firmly told my father “No.” What happened next was the favorite part of my father’s story. Upon hearing the secret service man tell my father no, Vice-President Nixon said it would be OK, and then asked that secret service man to take the picture. My dad was thrilled, and he has shared this photograph, and the memory, with anyone who would listen. On that day, Vice-President Nixon, by allowing this photograph to be taken, gave my father one of his favorite memories, and story, of his life, and for that I say, Thank you, Mr. President.

Pictured left to right:  PVC Daniel Miro, Unknown, Mrs. Pat Nixon, Unknown, Vice-President Richard Nixon, Unknown.

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