Tombstone: Herman and Marie Mimkes – October Ancestry Challenge 2013

MimkesTombstone-WebAncestor #6

This Tombstone marks the final resting place of Herman (1836-1896) and Marie (1838-1920) Mimkes, maternal grandparents of Marie Herpich Minnes, who I wrote about in yesterday’s post.

The inscription is in German, and reads:

Hier Ruhel in Friedern (translation?)
Hermann Mimkes
geb. 27. Nov. 1836
gelt. 14. April 1896
Marie Mimkes
geb. 21. May 1838
gelt. 8. Marz 1920

Herman and Marie are the first documented ancestors, from both sides of my family, to immigrate to America; the year was 1865, at the end of the Civil War. With their arrival, my family tree grows its first United States branch; making us relative newcomers to American, based on her history.

Herman and Marie Mimkes are buried together at Concordia Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois. Concordia is a Lutheran faith-based cemetery, established in 1872, with a history that includes several Chicago historical events, including the Chicago Fire. It is a beautiful cemetery, rather large, that has, what must be, thousands of monuments.

Fred Mimkes headstoneThe Mimkes own the family plot in Concordia, in which seven family members are buried, but the only other headstone is that of their son, Frederick J. Mimkes. The remaining four (or five?) family members are unmarked.

I am still struggling to figure out all who are buried here, as there is some confusion on who is who, and similar names. This confusion, along with the fact only three graves are marked (Herman, Marie, and Fred), doesn’t help. There are five people I am sure are buried here, with correct facts: my 2nd great-grandparents, Herman and Marie, Frederic J. Mimkes, my uncle George Minnes, and my grand-uncle, Irwin Herpich. 

If you are interested in the details of “who is who,” continue on with the list below, but watch out, after reading this list, you might be as confused as I am.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Family members listed as being buried at Concordia, Lot 1385, Section 9:

  • The beautiful setting of the Mimkes family plot. Herman and Marie's tombstone is located bottom left.

    The beautiful setting of the Mimkes family plot. Herman and Marie’s tombstone is located bottom left. The rest of the family is buried in the space to the right. Fred Mimkes headstone is to the left       (not pictured).

    1896: Herman Mimkes is the first to be buried; the patriarch who brought his wife, Marie, to America. Depending on which census I look at, they had six to seven children, with two to five living. I’m still working on finding the five (I believe I have found three).

  • 1911: Alfred Henry Mimkes, infant, at 3 months, 21 days old. His death certificate lists his parents as Fred J. Mimkes (headstone above), and Anna Schnurstein Mimkes, buried at Concordia. The interesting thing is I have been to the cemetery, and they show a Alfred Henry buried here, but born in 1872, and I have this older Alfred in my family tree. At this time, I can only assume this “Alfred” is Fred J. Mimkes brother. But baby Alfred was not included in the list from the cemetery, but the death certificate lists 1911, buried at Concordia. Looks like another trips in order, or filling out some forms and paying some fees.
  • 1915: Irwin Herpich, only six years old. He was the brother of my grandmother, Marie Herpich Minnes, child of Peter and Bertha Mimkes Herpich (who are buried at nearby Chapel Hill). Irwin tragically died on Halloween from an accidental fire while trick-or-treating.
  • 1920:  Marie Merken Mimkes, at age 82, joins her husband Hermann.
  • 1938: Fred J. Mimkes. In the 1900 Census, Fred is living with his mother Marie, who is now a widow.  Fred is listed as a Fireman in the 1900 Census. By the 1930′s Census, he is a commercial photographer with his own studio. But this is where a mystery comes in. Fred is married to Anna C. Schnurstein Mimkes, who died in 1937, over a year before Fred. I show a “Catherine Mimkes” buried there, but no dates. Could this be Anna “Catherine” Schnurstein “Mimkes?”  But note Fred’s headstone, it says “In Memory of my Beloved Husband.” One does not typically write that on a headstone, when the wife died first. 
  • 1939: George Minnes, first-born child of my grandparents, Fred and Marie Minnes. He is the infant you see Marie holding at the Policeman’s Picnic (near bottom of post). This tragic death of a boy strikes close to home, as George is my mother’s brother. I will be writing a post on George, soon, as part of the October Ancestry Challenge 2013.

Then I’m left with the two mystery burials: Catherine Mimkes, and Alfred Henry Mimkes. Is Alfred the one who I believe is the brother of Herman and Marie, or the infant of Fred and Catherine? Is Catherine Fred’s wife, known as “Anna,” or another Mimkes sibling? At this time, I do not know.  I won’t even go further than mentioning I show another wife for Fred, named Marie Mimkes (not my 2nd great-grandmother, but a woman who lives till 1955). Yikes!


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2 Responses to “Tombstone: Herman and Marie Mimkes – October Ancestry Challenge 2013”
  1. Lori Crane says:

    “Hier Ruhet in Frieden” means “Here rests in peace.” Looks like you’re taking a trip to look at the records. :)

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Love translation! :)

      All my relatives are buried in the Chicago area. I live in Texas. This is getting expensive. LOL

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