Sisters: Gloria and Darlene Minnes

Dolores-Gloria-Darlene-steps-wEBAncestors #11:

This image of my aunt Darlene  (bottom left), mother Gloria (right), and their cousin Dolores Goltermann (back), was taken shortly after Darlene and Gloria lost their brother George Minnes (1925-1939).

My mother, being a bit older than her sister, clearly remembers the death of her brother. When asked, she mentions how sad her mother was after George’s death;  how every Sunday they would go to Concordia cemetery and visit his unmarked grave. It is easy to assume that at the age of five, my mother may not have fully understood the death of her brother, but she certainly understood the affect it had on her mother.

In the picture above, I love how my Aunt Dolores (we always called her aunt, although she was really my 1st cousin, 1x removed), is doing her best to help the family get a good photograph, but it would appear my mom is not cooperating, and my aunt is definitely focused on something off to the side.

Truth be told, these two Minnes sisters, Gloria (1935- ) and Darlene (1937-1987), were very close to each other:


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